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OPCJE magazine has been published since June 1993. As a quarterly it was published by the end of 1998. It worked out its own editorial manner and it was successful in granting the position on Polish publishing market of national cultural press. The group of authors and editors centred around OPCJE originates mainly from graduates and professors of the University of Silesia, Academy of Music in Katowice as well as Academy of Fine Arts. The magazine is targeted at secondary school youth, students and widely understood educated class.
In OPCJE a reader can find articles concerning literature, theatre, film, fine arts, philosophy, sociology, classical and popular music. The magazine also promotes artistic prose and poetry, in each issue a separate sheet with poems can be found written by debuting poets, entering literary stage and poetic sheet ‘Kursywa’.
part from that there appear especially prepared theme sections (among others Cabaret, Scenography, Visionaries and Fantasts, New Dramaturgy. Each issue contains a large block of reviews devoted to premieres of books, films theatrical plays, concerts and art exhibitions. Since the beginning of 1999 frequency of publishing has risen and now there are six issues a year and the magazine has been enriched by colourful pages on which reproductions of works of art talked about in reviews are printed.
Succeeding editions of OPCJE are gaining interest and popularity with readers and reviewers of cultural press not only because of the content of published articles but also because of graphic and editorial standard of the magazine. Culture-creating role of the magazine is stressed as thanks to it press debut, sometimes artistic one as well, has been made possible for many authors of younger generation.

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